This week the Prakriti Foundation is holding a conference called “Stree Sharira” with speakers coming in from all over the world to talk about sexuality, reproductive health and pleasure. Yesterday the Tamil film actress Kushboo had an intimate conversation with audience about her experience with government censorship of her films and how some relatively innocuous statements she made a few years ago on premarital sex drew fire from the state’s highest offices.

The conference continues today and tomorrow at Anokhi Cafe on Chaimiers Road if you find you have free time and want to attend. This afternoon Padma is going to speak on her impressions of the notorious lesbian flick “Girlfriend”.

I took some photos yesterday and have posted a gallery of some of the dance performances and speakers.

Above: Kushboo talks with the audience before ducking out of the hall where a waiting mob of autograph seekers waved crumpled pieces of paper and pens in her direction.

Painting: This painting was hanging on the wall behind the speakers at the conference. I can’t tell if she is holding a piece of string or a very long sperm. I think the artist left it ambiguous on purpose.