In the last issue of WIRED I showed how the Somali pirates who operate in the Gulf of Aden are more than just criminals: they’re a well-oiled business machine. Using the equations that I used to explain pirate motivations and profitability from that article, the good people at WIRED News put together this killer flash game called “Cutthroat Capitalism: The Game

In the game you play a pirate, and your goal is to make enough money to recruit a huge pirate crew and plunder your way through the world’s shipping resources. Think you’re up to the task? Try it out and tell me how you did.

A lot of people deserve credit for this. First and foremost Shannon Perkins at Smallbore Webworks who designed the back end and WIRED News’s Dennis Crothers who transformed Siggi Eggertson‘s designs into a game format. Also Pamela Statz who brought everyone together and made this happen in the first place.