what is a red market?

Red Markets : (noun) any economic system or economy that trades primarily in human flesh or human beings.

Buying and selling human bodies is fundamentally different than any other sort of commerce. Unlike black, white or gray markets, red markets exist in a different category because the product being traded cannot be valued in monetary terms alone. The value of human tissue is the value of life itself, and its costs are paid in blood.

Human bodies are commonly assumed to be beyond a cash value. This is why we cannot legally sell our blood or kidneys on open NASDQ-like exchanges. Instead bodies must be donated altruistically and exchanged as gifts without undue monetary incentives. Yet buying a human tissue poses no such difficulty. It is perfectly legal to pay a hospital for a kidney transplant or an adoption agency for a child.The discrepancy with the motivation of the donor who voluntarily gives up their flesh and the profit motive of middle-men creates a vacuum where criminal elements can sneak in. More often than not, everything operates above board. But sometimes the money creates an undue incentive to increase the supply unethically.